Rockin On The River 2021

Red Dirt Revolution Rockin on the River 2021

We can’t express how flat out amazing Rockin On The River was yesterday. Y’all were beyond coooool and showed the biggest support to the awesome bands that played their hearts out! Huge shout out to Lamar for a great stage & production, Mike Wolf, Wendy from 98Rock….and to Rob Baier & Starleigh Entertainment for having RDR and putting on one of the premier concert events each year! Truly, from the bottom of our hearts……thank you all. Much Love!

On a separate note… we can’t forget to show some love to those that are kind of behind the scenes at this event….but always play a big part of the events & shows we all get to play. Raging Cowboy Promotions (RCP, Supports Everyone & Road Map to Funtown), Mike Miller (Sound Production, and just about everything else), Terry & Dave Hahn (Support & some amazing photos & vids), Leslie Baier (Top Shelf Graphic Design), Kristy & Bridget (Merchandise sales extraordinaire)……Monique Schloer (RDR photo beast)…….missing anyone, hope not, we can’t say thank you enough!